Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: What can I expect once I send my volunteer application form?

A: A Heart and Stroke Foundation staff or volunteer will contact you and discuss your application. If an appropriate role is available, you will be screened and interviewed to ensure a volunteer experience with the Heart and Stroke Foundation will be mutually beneficial. If you are selected for this role there is mandatory paper work to be filled out.

Q: How much time will I be required to commit as a volunteer?

A: As we have a variety of opportunities that take place throughout various times of the year, there can be both short and long term commitments. Certain roles require training and a specific time commitment due to the nature of the role.

Q: What kind of training will I receive?

A: You will receive a general orientation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and role specific training from a staff person or another volunteer.

Q: What are the benefits of volunteering with the Heart and Stroke Foundation?

A: Our volunteers state the following:

  • Feel satisfaction from making a difference to the communities in Alberta, NWT & Nunavut  affected by heart disease and stroke
  • Developing new skills and experiences
  • Meet others with common interests
  • Raise important funds for research
  • Connect with your community
  • Have a sense of purpose and pride from helping others
  • Professional development opportunities 

Q: I’d like to get involved in raising funds. How much does the Heart and Stroke Foundation allocate to research?

 A: Typically we fund 3.7 million dollars to research. This funding will assist approximately 65 – 70 researchers a year.

Q: How many volunteers does the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut have?

A: We have approximately 35,000 volunteers in these communities.
Q: Are there opportunities for growth as a volunteer?

 A: Absolutely! Based on your skills, availability and interest, matched with the Foundation goals we would look forward to growing our relationship with you. We will endevour to make sure that your involvement with the Foundation is mutually beneficial and will keep you informed of other opportunities that may arise.

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