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Each year, 50,000 strokes occur in Canada - that is one stroke every 10 minutes. Thankfully, most people survive stroke; but most stroke survivors are left with some degree of disability - ranging from mobility deficits, to loss of speech or memory, to complete disability requiring long-term care.

Today, approximately 315,000 Canadians and their families are living with the effects of stroke. Many Canadians believe that life is over after stroke.

The real story is that with good rehab and support, all survivors recover to some extent and Canadians who survive a stroke can go on to lead full, meaningful lives and prevent subsequent strokes. There is life after stroke.

June is STROKE MONTH, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation needs your help. Thousands of volunteers across Alberta and the Northwest Territories will be knocking on their neighbours' doors, sharing vital health information and raising funds to support our work. Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we can make it happen.  

Pleae give generously this Stroke Month.

The projected revenue for the 2014 Stroke Month campaign is $726,000 at a cost of $323,819 (excluding overhead allocations). It is important to note that this cost includes the Heart and Stroke Foundation's vital investment in health education and public awareness