The Heart and Stroke Foundation (Alberta, NWT & Nunavut)
Professorships in Stroke Research

The Professorship is a five-year award given to an Alberta researcher dedicated to developing and maintaining a world-class research program oriented toward prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of stroke.

Two distinguished professors hold HSFA Professorships in Stroke Research, Dr. Ken Butcher at the University of Alberta and Dr. Michael Hill at the University of Calgary. Both investigators come with a solid portfolio in stroke research and continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to improve the lives of stroke patients in Alberta and beyond. Both medical experts are involved in numerous research studies at a national and international scale.

Dr. Ken Butcher is challenging the standard procedure of slightly lowering blood pressure in individuals having a hemorrhagic stroke. He is investigating the possible benefits of aggressively lowering these individual's blood pressure to reduce brain damage and encourage quick recovery. Read More

Dr. Michael Hill is investigating a new clot-busting drug for its potential use in treating individuals experiencing an ischemic stroke. The new drug may have the ability to eat its way through a clot blocking an artery in the brain many hours after the onset of a stroke, and then to quickly reestablish blood flow. Read More