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Wild rice and apple stuffed acorn squash
The sweetness of the apple here compliments the delicate flavours of squash.

Vegetable confetti quinoa
Chock full of vegetables and colour .

Roasted broccoli and cauliflower crustless quiche
Roasting vegetables heightens their flavour.

Barley and parsnip stovetop casserole
Serve up alongside any of your favourite winter roasts.

One potato, two potato double-layered mash
When you can’t decide between yellow potatoes and sweet potatoes, make both!

Spinach and mushroom barley pilaf
Spinach and mushrooms add a rustic texture and earthy flavours.

Moroccan roasted vegetables
With a hint of sweet in this Moroccan spice mix, these vegetables are a great side dish to any meat, poultry or fish.

Holiday rapini sauté
Make dinner festive with this mix of red and green veggies.

Roasted tomatoes
This wonderful side dish is a great way to use up the season’s harvest.

Quick ratatouille
Classic, healthy and updated, this makes a great main dish served with crusty whole grain bread or over whole wheat pasta or rice.

Marinated vegetables with ginger 
This simple make-ahead dish adds colour and zingy flavour – perfect for a family dinner or for entertaining. It’s great packed for lunch too.

Tangy grilled asparagus
Easy and quick, grilling brings out the flavour of this spring favourite.

Barley with caramelized vegetables
A delicious way to incorporate vegetables into dinner. Toasting the barley brings out its great flavour.

Spiced red cabbage and apple
This colourful side dish is perfect with your holiday meal. A fresh zing of apple cider vinegar and cinnamon adds flavour.

Wild and brown rice stuffing
This rich-tasting mixture provides a moist filling for your roast poultry, or a tasty side dish to serve up at a holiday feast.

Wild rice and sweet potato sauté
Wild rice adds a satisfying crunch to this colourful side-dish, which blends mellow sweet potatoes with a touch of spicy heat.

Roasted lemon and rosemary potatoes
Lemon is a fresh flavour that goes well with potatoes. Which makes this side dish an easy addition to any meal time table. Adding a touch of oil near the end of cooking helps brown the potatoes and adds a touch more flavour.

Grilled broccoli and tomato skewers
A fun idea for a different way to serve up vegetables. The roasted or grilled flavour of the vegetables will make you want to cook them up this way all the time! Enjoy.

Turmeric-scented rice
This golden coloured rice sings with zippy turmeric that offers up a lemony flavour that is bright and would be perfect to serve alongside many different main courses like chicken, fish or beef.

Homemade macaroni and cheese
The addition of sweet potato adds a very orange colour and sweet healthy flavour to a homemade favourite. With a few added veggies and a breadcrumb topping, this casserole has all the tasty components of a great weeknight side dish.

Asparagus and red pepper mix
Bright red and green vegetables are filled with flavour and perfect to serve alongside chicken, beef or fish. You can use any leftovers to stir into rice or pasta for another meal idea.

Roasted sweet potato and pepper cubes
Bright colours and sweet flavours make this vegetable side dish perfect to enjoy hot, warm or cold. 

Mushroom and spinach pasta
This side dish is perfect to accompany a chicken or beef dinner any night of the week. 

Wild rice pilaf
The attractive combination of wild, brown and white rice makes it a good dish to serve when entertaining.

Green beans with herbs and pine nuts
Green beans are a tasty and colourful addition to virtually any dinner.

Quinoa-stuffed peppers
This quinoa mixture is delicious as a stuffing for sweet peppers — red, green or purple — or on its own.

Swarties hash browns
Healthcheck makeover recipe. Read how Heart&Stroke dietitians made this recipe healthier.

Tangy vegetable stir-fry
This mixture of vegetables is delectable on its own or as a lunch or dinner with leftover chicken or fish. If you don’t have seasoned rice vinegar, regular rice vinegar will do.

Kale and black-eyed peas
This is an easy weeknight meal to enjoy on its own with some crusty whole-grain bread or add it to cooked whole-wheat pasta noodles for a great pasta idea.

Curried barley pilaf with butternut squash and green peas
This fantastic grain dish could easily work as a main dish by adding some cooked chicken, beef or chickpeas for protein.

Sautéed garlic kale
Kale is a member of the “dark leafy greens” group that everyone wants you to eat. It is full of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Oven-roasted asparagus
This mixture works well on many vegetables, like bell peppers, zucchini and onions. Try using it for vegetables on the BBQ.

Grilled asparagus and sweet potato with curry
Curry adds an exotic flavour to these grilled vegetables. They taste great with pork tenderloin. 

Vegetable biryani (Vegetable curried rice)

Aloo gobi (Potato and cauliflower curry)

Red lentil daal

Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions and pistachios

Maple roasted acorn squash
This recipe is really simple – and flexible. It can be scaled down to serve two or doubled to serve 12.

Moroccan spiced red cabbage
Cabbage is a nutrient-rich winter vegetable, which often goes unappreciated and forgotten. This recipe is very easy to prepare and works very well with pork tenderloin.

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