Alberta Heart & Stroke Lottery 2008 
Early Bird Prize Recipients!

"My heart is doing great today," proclaimed Roger Kanngiesser of Radway, Alberta when he was told some exciting and surprising news! Roger and his
wife Deb Kanngiesser are the lucky winners of one of the two Early Bird prizes
in the Alberta Heart & Stroke Lottery 2008. It was Deb who purchased the
lottery tickets, and they are both glad she did as they are now the proud
owners of His & Hers Mercedes vehicles valued at over $115,000.

The Alberta Heart & Stroke Lottery was launched earlier this year to help the Foundation to increase its funding of heart and stroke research and health
education efforts in Alberta. "My husband has a heart condition, so I bought the
tickets to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation for him," Deb explained. 

Marino Giancarlo was the other very fortunate Early Bird prize winner in the Alberta
Heart & Stroke Lottery 2008. Upon hearing that he was the recipient of the $100,000 cash prize, Marino proudly stated that he intended to purchase even more Lottery tickets to further support the important cause.

“I know people who have been directly affected by heart attacks and stroke – winning is
an additional bonus to supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation,” says Marino.

Contributing to Our Mission

Diana Krescy, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut, clarifies that funding derived from this provincial lottery will allow the Foundation to continue its research, advocacy and health promotion efforts as it works toward eliminating death and disability from heart disease and stroke. “We do all this without government funding, relying completely on the generosity of our dedicated supporters and volunteers. We need the support of all Albertans to fight these diseases.”

The Alberta Heart & Stroke Lottery final draw date is July 23, 2008. Ticket holders have an opportunity to win over 8000 prizes, among them two cash prizes of $1 million each, a $594,000 recreation condo in Invermere complete with a 2008 Toyota Highlander SUV, and a $200,000 Trip of a Lifetime.