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Volunteers with HEART

Every seven minutes a Canadian life is lost to heart disease and stroke, but wiith the support of our amazing volunteers we can change this. Our volunteers help extend the lives of Canadians through their generous contributions of time, skill and commitment. However, millions of us are still at risk and will be for generations to come. Whether it's time or money you're able to contribute, we invite you to experience the joy of giving by helping us in our vision: healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen.


A message from the CEO, David Sculthorpe: 

We are 60 years strong and creating more survivors than ever

Have you seen the new Heart and Stroke Foundation?  We’re bolder and more focused than ever before. As a Heart and Stroke Foundation volunteer, I hope that you feel some of this boldness and renewed focus in your volunteer role of helping us to achieve our impact goals.

Whether you find yourself face-to-face with donors, other volunteers or supporters in your community, you are making a significant difference. Your influence and your voice as a Heart and Stroke Foundation volunteer is empowering Canadians to make better lifestyle and health choices. I hope that this makes you feel more empowered too. Because of you, we are creating more survivors.

For 60 years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has been delivering information, funding excellence in research and innovation and advocating for healthy public policy for all Canadians. The contribution that we are making together has resulted in a 75 per cent decline in cardiovascular-related deaths, with almost 40 per cent of that decrease occurring in the last decade alone. We think you will agree that we haven’t been tiptoeing around our mission, and it shows.

We can’t control all of the factors that put us at risk for cardiovascular disease, but there are quite a few steps that Canadians can take to prevent a heart attack or stroke. We can make changes to our diet, work on becoming more physically active, be smoke-free and adopt strategies to better manage stress and alcohol consumption. It used to be that one in two people succumbed to cardiovascular disease. That number was reduced to one in three. Today it’s one in four. We would like to see that statistic decline to one in 10 or better. With your help, we will see that happen. It will happen in our lifetime. As a Heart and Stroke Foundation volunteer, you are helping us by telling Canadians about the work that we are doing. Thank you for your commitment to helping us create more survivors.


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