Advocating for a Smoke-Free World

A long-time advocate for tough anti-tobacco legislation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has been instrumental in leading public education and advocacy campaigns. Additionally, the foundation has established partnerships with government, health officials and non-governmental organizations to strengthen tobacco control legislation and regulations affecting factors such as second-hand smoke, tobacco-related pricing, labeling, advertising and sponsorship.

The HSF is a key advocate of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control - a unique international public health treaty that came into force in February 2005.

Through this treaty, 86 nations and counting, have committed to comprehensive tobacco control policies including ending tobacco promotions, ensuring prominent health warnings are on all tobacco products, protecting the public from second-hand smoke and helping smokers become smoke-free.

At home, our ongoing commitment to advancing national and provincial smoke-free initiatives has led to our provinces passing some of the toughest and most comprehensive anti-smoking legislation in the world.

Also in 2005, the Heart and Stroke Foundation – along with other leading Canadian health organizations – successfully intervened in a landmark Saskatchewan court case brought by tobacco firms to fight legislation banning tobacco retail displays, currently the most influential form of tobacco promotion to which children and youth are exposed.

To ensure the smoke-free movement continues to gain momentum, the Foundation is working with government – international, national and provincial – and other like-minded organizations towards the ultimate goal of a smoke-free world.