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Challenge your candidate!
Better health is a priority during the 2015 federal election. Let your candidates know it’s an issue that matters to you. Send them the Healthy Candidates' challenge to promote and support better health in Canada. Cast your vote for better health now.

Heart&Stroke Risk
AssessmentNew! The free online Heart&Stroke Risk Assessment now includes a Life Expectancy Calculator. Take the quick questionnaire and find out which healthy changes will add years to your life. Try it today.

Blood Pressure Action PlanManage your blood pressure
High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart disease. The Heart&Stroke Blood Pressure Action Plan has helped thousands of Canadians manage their healthy blood pressure. It’s free and easy to use! Get started today.

Read our
Report to
DonorsRead our Report to Donors
Meet some Canadians who are alive today thanks to research funded by your donations. You’ll find their stories and plus other heart and stroke advances in the Heart and Stroke Foundation 2014 Report to Donors. Read it here.

a stroke
on videoExperience a stroke on video
Learn the signs of stroke by experiencing one. This short video shows what happens – through the eyes of a victim or a witness. Click here to watch and learn how you can recognize stroke and save a life.

resuscitation guidelines comingNew resuscitation guidelines coming
Every 13 minutes, a Canadian experiences cardiac arrest. On Oct. 15 the Heart and Stroke Foundation will release the 2015 Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. The guidelines are aimed at improving cardiac arrest and first aid response and treatment. You can learn more by attending our 2015 guidelines webcast. Get details here.

New guide helps stroke survivorsNew guide helps stroke survivors
If your or someone you love has had a stroke, you need Your Stroke Journey a comprehensive, 110-page guide from the Heart and Stroke Foundation to help you understand the effects and manage recovery. Download your free PDF copy.

CP joins Foundation to advance cardiac researchCP joins Foundation to advance cardiac research
Cardiac research in Canada received a major boost with the announcement of a commitment by Canadian Pacific of $3 million over three years to fund grants through the Foundation’s research program. Read more about this visionary partnership.

Eat healthier and support the FoundationEat healthier and support the Foundation
The Get Enough Helper App from Dairy Farmers of Canada helps you make sure you’re meeting recommended servings from Canada’s Food Guide. Plus, for each day you use the App, Dairy Farmers of Canada will donate $1 to the Foundation. Get the App now.

Schools and foodSchools and food
Changing the Menu, Canada’s first-ever national school food conference, will take place in Montreal from Nov. 12-14. Join us for this exciting and historic event! Learn more.

Four cardiac arrests, four lives saved in AprilFour cardiac arrests, four lives saved in April
Our National AED program had big wins recently, with AEDs used to save the lives of four people in two arenas within a three-week span. The program runs until March 2016 so if your local arena or recreation centre has not yet applied for a free AED, please urge them to do so now!

Working together for a healthier CanadaWorking together for a healthier Canada
The Heart and Stroke Foundation is proud to be one of 16 national health charities that form Healthpartners. This unique partnership successfully mobilizes workplace giving directed at improving the health of all Canadians. Learn how you can help.

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