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12 ways to have a healthier holiday

By Sean McNeely
Posted: December 2012

Ditch seasonal stress and feel your best with these tips

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Bundle up and enjoy the winter wonderland

Don’t let stress and overindulgence leave you feeling run down and unhealthy this season. Here are 10 ways to preserve your well-being and bring in the New Year happy and healthy.

  1. Keep your indulgences healthy with these festive recipes for brunch and parties. They’re delicious and heart healthy – so the only thing stuffed will be the turkey.
  2. Make me time. Amid the holiday bustle, follow these tips to find the time to eat healthy, exercise and unwind.
  3. Start a new chapter by signing up for Heart Smart Families, our new free monthly e-newsletter for busy parents. It’s filled with recipes, healthy living tip and tools to help you raise healthy kids.
  4. Shovel smart. Studies have linked snow shoveling to a spike in reported heart attacks, so go slow when clearing snow.
  5. Pace your drinking with these strategies. ‘Tis the season to be merry, but too much liquid cheer may increase your blood pressure and raise your risk of heart disease and stroke over the long term.
  6. Make a fresh start. Tee up your New Year’s resolution by downloading our free <30 Day Challenge smartphone app. It delivers info and support to help you start a healthier lifestyle in just 30 days.
  7. Get your flu shot. A new study suggests it may help protect you from heart disease.
  8. Trim bulging budgets. Everyone enjoys the gift of giving, but you can avoid stress by spending wisely without being a Scrooge.
  9. Get a good night’s sleep. It’ll help you approach the holiday madness feeling refreshed and energized.
  10. Indulge mindfully. Visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? Strike a balance between healthy eating and treats with these tips.
  11. Enjoy festive fitness. Get outside with your family and enjoy the winter wonderland – skate, walk, ski or build a snowman.
  12. Shorten your gift list and avoid crowded malls. Donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in the name of someone special this holiday.

Help the Heart and Stroke Foundation fund health promotion programs to reduce the prevalence of heart disease and stroke. Please donate generously today.

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